Gamma Phase is underway


Markets, Blockchain & Advanced Cryptography is an exclusive, innovative, and disruptive information service! We focus on what really matters, maximizing the journey and positioning towards the next bull run!

Alpha pase

It will begin on July 1st, 2023

What can NFT Pass Holders expect in the Alpha pase?

Utility delegation

Starting from the Alpha phase, NFT Pass Holders will be able to rent out the utility of their NFT without losing ownership. In other words, they will be able to earn extra income by showcasing the channel to their friends!

Breakout service

Breakouts are asset breakouts. From now on, we will have a low-cost breakout subscription service with entries and exits. For NFT Pass Holders, it will be a free service!

We don’t use AI, bots, or anything algorithmic. Our service is 100% handmade!

Delta phase

It will begin on January 1st, 2024
What can NFT Pass Holders expect in the Delta phase?

Node running service

In blockchains, nodes are part of the vital infrastructure for the network to function. We will have a ticketing service for anyone who wants to run nodes.

Burning Rollup" and $FUEGO token airdrop

Markets, Blockchain & Advanced Cryptography will have its own private Layer 2 blockchain. The use cases will be revealed later, but partially, a token will be launched through an airdrop to all NFT Pass Holders.

The $FUEGO token of the Burning Rollup will have an extremely deflationary effect.

Gamma phase

It will begin on July 1st, 2024
What can NFT Pass Holders expect in the Gamma phase?

Hackathon service

During the Gamma phase, Markets Blockchain & Advanced Cryptography will have a third-party service available to obtain the deepest information in the sector!

Lockdrop of $FUEGO token

During this phase, we will seek the market to give us a price for the $FUEGO token. To do this, we will hold a lockdrop, an event to estimate a fair price (if there is one), with the widest possible distribution.
With NFT Passes, $FUEGO, and the Burning Rollup, we will be ready to create a liquidity vortex.

Epsilon phase


Omega phase

They will begin on January 1st and July 1st, 2025, respectively


It is an advanced information service for everything related to blockchain and cryptography technologies.
We detect the best opportunities in the sector, from hunting for the next early-stage gems, to capturing alpha to position and maximize profits through access and curation of the most advanced content in the cryptography sector.
The values are the principles on which we base the culture of the Channel and on which we develop our activity, and they are largely implemented in our manifesto.

To help our exclusive community escape the noise, access, and take advantage of the best opportunities in the sector.

Our team of knowledgeable professionals with years of experience shares alpha on a daily basis to position themselves in a simple and organized way, sharing a set of completely innovative and high-quality services.

By being a holder of one of our NFT Passes, you can unlock all current and future content of the service. In addition, you will have exclusive access to the technologies that will be implemented in the following phases.

Markets, Blockchain & Advanced Cryptography” will have a maximum of 210 NFT Passes that will be unlocked over the next 3 years. During the Alpha stage launch, 50 NFT Passes will be put up for sale and will cost 0.3 ether.

The value of the NFT Pass will be linked to a growth curve based on value. This is a challenge for the Channel as members must have maximized their journey, especially with acquired knowledge, as we approach the next bull market. The value of the NFT Pass will be linked to the growth of the Channel’s content. The goal is for no one to sell their NFT Pass.

The plan is to release a percentage of NFT Passes for sale every semester, but with a deflationary effect by reducing the number of NFT Passes for sale while increasing the price. The content in the second semester of 2023 will be incredibly deeper than on January 1st, 2023. In this way, we will all win because the price of the NFT Pass can theoretically only grow.

The access NFT is the exclusive property of the Channel member and can do with it as they wish, such as selling it on secondary markets like Opensea. We reserve the right to expel the new member who has acquired the Channel NFT if they do not respect the rules.
The only way to access all the services is by being a holder of the NFT Pass.

The channel flow is being created as we continue to integrate into interfaces and ecosystems. It is very important to understand this. Currently, we have 23 categories, which are as follows:

Early Stage
Airdrops Presales, mints, and donations
Active portfolio
Other relevant information
Hacking & security
Rollup as a service
Liquidity as a service
Other tasks
Other projects

Currently, the channel also supports three of its threads to claim in faucets, to use bridges, and to customize wallets through RPCs.

The service is structured in a way that you can invest the time you have available.

The service offered is not that of a training school, but most of the information or tasks to be developed are explained in detail.

We use a color-coded system to read information or perform tasks. The Channel is structured into 3 different levels and works as follows:


Red color – advanced level information or task
Green color – intermediate level information or task
Orange color – basic level information or task

To read the information or perform tasks, we estimate an adjusted time.


– 5 minutes
+ 5 minutes
between 15 and 30 minutes
more than 1 hour
unquantified time

When the information or tasks are urgent or on-the-go, you will see the icon of a bell.

The Discord channel “Mercados, Blockchain & Cryptografía Avanzada” has a set of values and rules in the form of a manifesto. They are as follows:

a) The only maximalism we have is that of our particular or family economy.

b) We love Bitcoin and blockchain, but we are extremely pragmatic.

c) We respect all projects until the tokenomics tells us otherwise.

d) Patience and research will be our most powerful weapons.

e) We prioritize security in connections to the different interfaces of our Web3 wallets and will try to avoid blockages.

f) You don’t need to decapitalize to take advantage of the next bull run.

g) The Channel is not a DAO, it is an initiative to dump all the knowledge acquired by professionals with 10 years of experience in commercial environments and the construction of blockchain technologies.

h) The information channels will remain closed except for the group chat where we can comment on all content. Threads will be closed as soon as it is considered that the information has already been worked on and no longer contributes to the main content. Each NFT holder must organize and structure the actions they consider most important. It is not necessary to do everything. We will have dozens of opportunities.

i) The access NFT is the exclusive property of the channel member and they can do whatever they want with it, such as selling it in secondary markets like Opensea. When you have an NFT pass, you access a service, which is why we reserve the right to expel the new member who has acquired the Canal NFT if they do not respect the rules.

j) The content that will be poured into the different channels is private and exclusive to the members of the Channel. If any member of the Channel tries to compete unfairly by monetizing the group’s content with other communities, they will be expelled without the possibility of reinstatement.

k) Youtubers, influencers, or people who manage large communities are not admitted to the Channel. If you are one of these profiles, please do not buy the NFT.

l) By the end of 2025, we will have an incomparable knowledge base of the encrypted market.

Are you interested in being one of our next NFT Pass Holders and making the most of the journey? Leave your full name and phone number and we will contact you.